Competition Rules

“A good photograph is knowing where to stand.”
Ansel Adams

Here is the fine print, please read carefully. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask.


Rules for Club Competitions  (excluding  Panel competition - see below )

1. All Members are eligible to enter competitions. There are five formal competitions - “Seasons” as follows :


Summer Open - Digital Images only.

Autumn Open - Prints and Digital Images

Winter Open - Prints and Digital Images

Spring Open - Digital Images only.


And the MONOCHROME competition - see below.

2. There is only one category for all members

 3. Each member may submit up to THREE (3) Prints and / or THREE (3) Digital Images

in each competition.

4. Prints and Digital Images can only be submitted ONCE in competitions ie, cannot be entered as a digital image and also a print, and cannot be entered as a colour and a mono.

5. The maximum MOUNT size for PRINTS is 50 by 40 cms (no exceptions, they won't fit in the box if bigger but smaller is ok).

The print can be any size providing it fits on the 50 by 40 cms mount.

6. DIGITAL IMAGES need to be resized to 1400 pixels Wide by 1050 pixels High (Landscape format), Resolution should be set to 72 dots per inch. sRGB colour space is recommended.

In (Portrait format), please note the images should only be 1050 pixels high. 

For instructions for resizing click here

7. Entries for both Prints and Digital Images must follow a the format of the member’s COMPETITION NUMBER and then TITLE. This information should be written on the back of the mount at the Top, Left Hand Side for PRINTS and included in the relevant


Example:      99 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx       


Where, the first two characters are the membership number, the third character is a space obtained by pressing the space bar, not a hyphen, full stop, or an under score. The xxxxx.... represents the title up to 50 characters.


8. DIGITAL IMAGES can be submitted using a MEMORY STICK or CD. These should be physically marked with the member’s COMPETITION NUMBER, so they can be easily identified for return to the member.


DIGITAL IMAGES can also be submitted via the INTERNET

For submissions via the INTERNET, Images should be attached and emailed to:-

The details of the images should be in the same format as shown in the examples in SECTION 7, but with addition of the COMPETITION TITLE written in the email.





9. Entries must be submitted to the Competition Secretary/Internet no later than the date indicated on the club syllabus.


10. All entries must be made available for use in inter club competitions/battles.


11. All work should be of recent origin. All post production must be done by the author.


12. Work may be home or trade printed.



13. MONOCHROME COMPETITION - Any image which has previously been entered in a previous competition as a colour or mono, print or PDI CANNOT BE ENTERED. (Needs to be a new and previously unused image.)


Any image entered in the Monochrome Competition, CANNOT then be entered into subsequent competitions either either colour or monochrome in print or PDI form.

14.Images in all competitions must pass the substantial Equivalence test, in other words, no image can be used that is very similar to one already used in any club competition in the past. 

e.g. A landscape taken a few feet to the left or right on the same day as one already used, or an action shot a fraction of a second before or after one that has already been used. 

Any images noted by the competition secretary or any member as being substantially equivalent will be referred to the committee for adjudication unless voluntarily withdrawn by the author.




The Panel competition is NOT about producing WOW images. Nor is it necessary to have fancy expensive equipment – even a camera phone will do. 


What it is about, is producing FOUR images which when viewed together either in a straight line, or two rows of two, work very well together – a WOW panel maybe, but the individual images may be quite ordinary.


Images will of course have to be well composed and technically competent.  They may be of everyday objects or activities. Any subject will do. As long as they look attractive and interesting !


This is a PRINT or DIGITAL IMAGE, of four images PDI’s 1400 x 1050, sRGB, Quality 12. Spare canvas black.


Panels can be in colour or monochrome ( or a mix if you are brave ) 




The Panel should aim to be 


 Well balanced – no image dominates

 Of a consistent subject / theme – but not just four shots taken with the motordrive !

 Of close and matching tone, tonal range, colour saturation, sharpness or softness, contrast etc. Colours should be similar or match well in the overall panel.

 Any objects with “direction” e.g. flying bird, leaning post etc should “point into” the panel and not out which looks untidy.

 Remember to design your panel LAYOUT either for a straight line of four images, or two rows of two.





When entering, you will need to specify LAYOUT of the Panel – either “L” for a line of 4, or “S” for a square of 2 by 2. Images in a square should be numbered 1 (top left) 2 (top right) 3 (bottom left) 4 (bottom right) 


Comp Number, Panel name, Layout ( L or S ),  image number ( 1 to 4 ) 


For example - 22, Footprints, S, 1 


E MAIL YOUR PDI ENTRIES TO :- by  the date on the programme


PRINTS - bring them on the night with layout