Chairmans End of Year Message.

Hi all

Many thanks to all who came to the AGM - we had a good discussion and as a results will be running one themed competition next season, and re-introducing the Panel competition as requested.

For those who had a top three finish in any competition category this season, there is a certificate for you to collect sometime - I will take them to Rheged.

For Rheged, please send you print titles to Alex Bradley. If you have not handed in your prints, please take them to Rheged on Friday 17th May around lunchtime, or let me know if this is not possible and we will sort out collection somehow.

Below are some details on a couple of competitions if you are interested. If you want to enter the LCPU individual we can set you up to do this direct. If you want to enter a print, then contact Howard who has volunteered to take them.

Lastly, we will be arranging some trips over the summer, so I hope to see you then maybe, if not at Rheged.

Best Wishes

Tim Hancock

Competition Details Below.

The 2019 L&CPU Annual Individual Competition and Young Photographer Competition well held on 18/19 May.

This year Individual authors may up-load their entries through the L&CPU Information Portal using their email address and password, or in the usual way by your club competition secretary.

All prints however entered, must be in one club box, and delivered to the drop-off points no later than the 10th May.

You already have the a copy of the rules and definitions of categories of this competition, I strongly recommend that each author and competition secretary read them as they have changed from previous years. This will, I hope, eliminate the need to disqualify images after the event as was the case last year.

Please pass on this information to other club members.

Competition Secretaries below are the Drop-off/pick up points you will need for Print Boxes. Please contact them before delivery

Bob Robinson  5,Laburnum Grove, Tyldesley, Manchester, M29 8PL 0161 790 1102 Henry Mullarkey 22,Greetby Hill, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L39 2DS 01695 570378 John Royle 26 Cheerbrook Rd, Willaston, Nantwich,Cheshire, CW5 7EN 01270 568381 Steve Proctor 5 Peel Park Close, Clitheroe, Lancashire BB7 1 EX,                  07910 395157


Beatrix Potter’s Vision: A Celebration of the Lake District Explore Atlantic woodlands as you have never seen them before...

Atlantic woodlands are one of the richest and most treasured habitats found within the British Isles. These forested ecosystems are teeming with biodiversity and showcase some of the most exceptional examples of lichens, bryophytes and ferns that the UK has to offer. Beatrix Potter was best known for her story-telling, but unknowingly to most she was an advocate for conserving the natural and cultural heritage of the Lake District. The beautiful landscape as we see it today is partly thanks to her drive and dedication to safeguard the land she learned from and loved.

Plantlife’s Photography Competition & Exhibition is an opportunity to capture the beauty of Atlantic woodlands that served as an inspiration to Beatrix and influenced many elements of her work. This opportunity is a platform to promote the lesser known aspects of her life as a conservationist, a scientist and an educator - a celebration of her life achievements. Therefore, this photography competition is dedicated to Beatrix Potter.

Competition Categories

Woodlands in the landscape

The vast expanses of open water complemented by the mountainous backdrops tend to be the most renowned aspects of the Lake District. Beatrix Potter was a conservationist, and we have her to thank for preserving and safeguarding much of the land. This category is an opportunity to capture the woodlands that are stitched across the landscape; an integral and truly treasured element of the Cumbrian countryside. Submitted photographs can be landscape shots or within the woodland itself showing the habitat as a whole.

Small things in woodlands

As you delve further into the nature, you will realise there is a hidden world waiting to be discovered with a very important story to tell. Beatrix Potter was an eminent scientist, who dedicated much of her time to studying and painting the fungi, lichens and mosses of the Lake District. Just like Beatrix did with her own artwork, Plantlife invites you to come and capture the patterns, colours and textures of the miniature landscape that characterise these woodlands. Photographs entered should showcase the spectacular life forms of woodland lichens, mosses and ferns.

People in woodlands

Atlantic woodlands have a magical and enchanted aura, capturing the hearts of all those who visit. Beatrix Potter was an educator, from her stories to her specimens; for over 100 years, her work has been shared across the world and her enthusiasm for nature has stood the test of time. This category is to encapsulate the special interactions between people and these spectacular woodlands, whilst highlighting their importance for human health and wellbeing. Images photographed should represent people engaging and appreciating this special habitat. (Please note permission must be granted from those who are photographed).

The age categories are under 11’s, 11-17 year olds and over 18’s. There will be a first, second and third prize winner for each age group within each of the competition categories. Have you ever wondered what hidden treasures you might find if you look a little deeper into nature? Competition Events Alongside the Photography Competition, Plantlife are offering a series of FREE events to introduce you to the hidden diversity found within Atlantic woodlands. Join April Windle (LOST Project Officer) for an opportunity to get up close and personal with the lichens, mosses and liverworts that characterise these areas.

For more information & Woodland Photography Events – Lake District, Cumbria

Closing date for photo entries is Tuesday 23rd April 2019. Please submit images to Prizes & Photo Exhibition Following on from the photography competition, there will be a touring exhibition of the first, second and third prize winners around different locations across the Lake District. The exhibition will be launched with a reception at the beginning of June 2019, with venues and tour dates yet to be confirmed. All winners will receive a canvas print of their image and other prizes following the completion of the exhibition in 2020. Contact For further information, please contact: April Windle (LOST Senior Project Officer) / 07584 017341