H&DPS News

Hi all, I hope you enjoyed the excellent prints shown by Diane Owens on Friday night. Textures were certainly the theme of the night and we can discuss these if you wish at the next training night

(22 March ) which will focus on photoshop and our image portal L&D images.

Next week is Mark Large with Astrophotography which I sadly will miss unfortunately as I know nothing about it. Friday is also the deadline for pdi submissions on a stick on the night or by email to holmephotocomp@outlook.com

See https://www.holmephotosoc.co.uk/competition-information

You might be interested in seeing a photographic exhibition which runs from now until Monday, April 1st at the Gaddum Gallery at Brockhole on Windermere.

Photographs are by Ben Bush who is a self-taught landscape photographer based in the North Lake District. Ben’s photographs feature impressive mountain ranges, arching celestial skies, low misty clouds and deep mirrored waters. His collection of work predominately celebrates the Lake District. Additional photographs show other magical scenes such as the northern lights of Skye. Many of Ben’s images explore the realm of astrophotography.

Some of the exhibited images can be seen at:  

https://www.brockhole.co.uk/whats-on/in-the-still-of-the-night-feb-2-april-1/#main  Cheers Tim