Image Resizing

by Mike Naylor

Hi All,

I know that different people prefer to learn in different ways. Some like text, pictures, videos. one to ones or any combination thereof.

I have been working with Maureen Platts who was the Internal Competitions Secretary with Kendal. Maureen had some success with simple instructions and I have prepared a sheet based upon her original. A copy is on the website, click here for access.

This sheet covers the majority of your points apart from the following two.

1.Photoshop automatically imports images with the sRGB colour space.

2. The resample box does not need to be ticked. We must remember the facility this is mainly for is resizing prints. The majority of the members have cameras greater than 10Mp and we project at 1.5Mp. So there is no advantage in using complicated algorithms when we have eliminated a minimum of 85% of the original information.

The above two are also not mentioned in the Warrington PS video, which I have previously sent to those requiring help, the link is