Macro Photography

Image Copyright © 2018 Howard Stockdale All Rights Reserved.

Thanks to Howard on a great piece on Macro Photography, and Micromacrography. The results he achieved with a simple set up at home were quite amazing. As Howard said, as the long winter nights draw in and the weather outside is not conducive for photography, there are plenty of things indoors that can keep you busy photographically speaking.

Here is what can be achieved using the techniques that Howard described when you have access to the Oxford University Entymology Dept...........

This is the work of professional photographer, Levon Bliss. Each of his images are made up of thousands of individual photographs of just small portions of each insect which are then focus stacked. The individual portions are then combined to create one whole image of the insect in stunning detail. Take you time to look through the photographs and use the zoom in and out buttons to get to see detail smaller than 0.25mm. Watch the video too.

Remember too that there are plenty of other subject warranting close up inspection besides insects..........

Looking forward to seeing more of your results Howard.