Mono Print Competition PDI's

Last night we saw some fantastic prints and Pdi's in this years mono competition. Well done everyone and congratulations to Howard for winning both the print and PDI sections. It was also nice to hear a few new names being awarded highly commended, just goes to show members photography skills are being improved by competing and receiving constructive feedback from the judges.

It was also nice to see images that had been taken on some of the clubs "Days Out", they are another great way for members to enjoy going to new locations and sharing a bit of photographic knowledge. If anyone has any ideas as to places to go, or things they would like to try, drop in an email, or just raise it at the next club meeting.

A lot of these days out are just planned on the spur of the moment by those that have a bit more free time on their hands, but we would like to be able to include everyone, so if you are restricted to a weekend or a particular weekday, just let us know and we can make the approriate arrangements. We would like everyone to be able to benefit.

Here are the Pdi's from last night for some inspiration...............