Relieve the pressure and enjoy taking photos

It’s is easy to get sucked into trying to take and make great images with no “judge bait” , and a wow factor which makes the image stand out. When you get one, it’s great of course - something to be proud of and something which should do well wherever you use it.

Going out with you camera with this goal in mind inevitably leads to disappointment - “ I didn’t get anything. No keepers. “ You’ve spent a good deal on camera equipment, made the effort to get out and about - and what do you have to show for it?

Approaching photography like this starts to put pressure on you - you complain to yourself that you are “lacking inspiration.”

But is this really why you bought a camera in the first place, or is it something that has built up

over time? Judging the value of your hobby to yourself just on the latest output on the screen is being very hard on yourself. Some photographers are “in it” for the resultant images only - to get recognition, win competitions, get more likes on social media, gain distinctions, get compliments from others, enter salons etc etc.

Photography though is about much more than that - getting you out and about, looking for interesting subjects, capturing moments and events, or just recording your day and emotions it invoked - something which will bring back memories and feelings.

Enjoying the PROCESS of photography and keeping images you like for whatever reason, will mean that your enjoyment of the hobby will be guaranteed - if you get some “wow keepers” as you go, then well done and treat it as a bonus. But don’t let  putting the pressure of getting results spoil your enjoyment.

Tim Hancock, Chairman