Resize Action for Photoshop

Not image resizing again I hear you cry!!

With five spare minutes, you can load this little action into Photoshop and never have to worry about getting your DPI (Digital Projected Images) the right size ever again.

The first prerequisite is you must have a copy of Photoshop. A bit of background follows.....

As you edit an image Photoshop keeps a record of what has been done (History) which allows you to go back to an earlier state if you make a mistake. However, assuming no mistakes, when you save and close your image file this History record is lost. If you are making the same edits to a number of images, like resizing for instance, it would be useful if you could save that History of edits so you can apply it to the next image.

Well in Photoshop you can. They are called Actions, and to save you the trouble of working out how to make an Action, in good Blue Peter fashion, here's one I prepared earlier. ***

[***Not what I had intended but the blog will not allow me to attach the .atn file, so it is in a post on the Facebook page, or I can bring a copy on Friday, Which ever way you get the file the following instructions are still good].

Now all we have to do is get it into your copy of Photoshop.

1. Download the HDPS DPI Resize.atn file and save it to your computer, somewhere where it is easy to find.

2. Open an image in Photoshop, lets make it a landscape format image to start with.

3. Along the top of the main photoshop window are the various menu items, last but one is the "Window" menu, click on it and the drop down menu opens.

Opening the Actions Window

Then click on the "Actions" line.

4. On the right of the screen, small window will pop open which look like this.....

Actions Window

It already has a number of actions that come built in with Photoshop but we can ignore them. You can hide the by clicking on the small downward arrow to the left of the Default Action folder at the top of the list, if you wish.

5. Looking at the Actions window, in the top right corner there is a number of parallel horizontal lines, we need to click on this which will open up another menu.

Actions Window Menu

Looking at this menu, about half way down, there is a line which says "Load Actions..." We now click on this line to open up the next window.

Locating the HDPS DPI resize.atn file

A window will open in your computer screen, you need to find the location to which you saved the HDPS DPI Resize.atn file, that's why we said earlier, make sure you know where you saved it when you downloaded it.

Click on the file then select open or save or whatever your computer operating system asks you to do.

6. The HDPS Resize action should now appear in the list in the Action window.

HDPS DPI Resize Action Added

7. THE HDPS DPI resize action folder is now added to your action list, inside it are two actions Landscape Resize and Portrait Resize. As we have opened a landscape image to start with we click onto the line which says Landscape Resize to highlight it. (By landscape we mean images wider than they are tall). Once highlighted move your mouse pointer down to the bottom of the Actions window where you can find the Square, circle, right facing triangle etc...... place the mouse pointer over the triangle and click. Hey presto, your landscape image is resized to 1400pixels wide by 1050 pixels high with black border inserted automatically if needed.

8. The final step is to save the resized file. Go to the File menu and select "Save as..." You can now save your files with the name Competition number space subject eg 25 Eagle. Ensure you save the file as a jpeg with max quality.

9. For portrait or square images, the procedure is the same except in the actions window scroll down and click on the Portrait resize line to highlight it, then click on the triangle at the base of the window.